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My Testimony

My background

I'm from a small town in South Jersey but I have big plans to let as many people know about Jesus Christ.

Telling people about Jesus wasnt always my plan, I wanted to be married with children... but God changed my plans.

My faith

I am just a sinner saved by Grace!

I was bound for hell but now I'm free, thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 

My involvement

I'm a single mommy of a beautiful little boy who I am raising to know Christ! I wasnt always saved but God saved me from the pit I was in, I was bound for hell, I had a one way ticket to hell but God had bigger plans for me!

I AM SAVED BY GRACE! I'm involved in my home church where I have grown the most, in the Lord! I have been discipled, now it's my turn to disciple.


Let's get to know who Christ is and stay grounded in Him alone !

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Keeping up with Christ

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God Bless

Erika Dunlap

New Jersey, United States